MAINSEC represents world leading producers of wireless telecommunication and data centre equipment and is rapidly expanding its portfolio. The main partners we are currently working with are:

CommScope is global leader of wireless network connectivity solutions (such as commercial base station antennas, indoor solutions for mobile operators, repeaters, feeders, cable products and cabinets) as well as a leading provider of integral components of wireless base stations. MAINSEC is the only authorized CommScope Wireless business partner for Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland as well as partner of CommScope Enterprise for structured cable solutions (Systimax, Uniprise).

Datax is a vendor of consulting services and software solutions for mobile communications industry focusing on frequency planning and radio network management software packages.

2Operate is a developer of the new and innovative fault management solution providing the highest level of troubleshooting process automation in the OSS market for mobile operators.

Raycap is a global company that offers innovative technology overvoltage and lightening protection products to costumers in telecom, traditional and new energy , transportation and other markets.

Benco has many years of experience working in telecommunications, engineering consulting and project management in Lithuania and other European countries. Providing intelligent telecommunication and energy efficiency solutions, Benco offer their costumers innovation, flexibility and responsibility.