As an ardent follower of the newest technological developments, MAINSEC is ready to provide innovative solutions for today´s business. Our expertise and strong partnership base in wireless telecommunications and IT industries supports us in provision of the following:

  • Base Station Antenna infrastructure:

    Tetra/GSM/UMTS/LTE panel, omni, yagi, indoor, point to point antennas and mounting elements to reach desired network performance.

  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for indoor/ outdoor coverage and capacity:

    ► Indoor and outdoor repeater systems.

    ► Indoor/outdoor, panel mount antennas, mounting elements.

    ► Indoor RF planning.

  • Semi Permanent Base Station Towers:

    Cell on wheels type of the solutions for network operations in hard to access areas or for temporary use.

  • Passive components:

    ► Transmission lines (Wireless, radiating, braided, power, hybrid (power + optic), fibre optic cables, elliptical waveguides).

    ► Cable assemblies.

    ► Connectors, surge arrestors and other passive components.

  • Small cell solutions:

    Monopole and flagpole solutions to ensure network quality and visual aesthetics in street, urban, industrial and rural sites.

  • Antenna Concealment:

    Radio transparent FRP antenna shroud solutions for visual rooftop aesthetics and qualitative network performance.

  • Network management software:

    ► 2Solve network troubleshooting automation software.

    ► Frequency planning and network management software.

  • Overvoltage and lightning protection systems for Remote Radio Head architectures

Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@mainsec.lt or HERE for further questions or inquiries for customised solution.